About CME

CME Blasting & Mining Equipment Ltd. is a unique amalgamation of Swedish drilling expertise, engineering and worldwide service experience. Since CME’s inception in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1978, we continue to define our company and products by a continuous pursuit of innovation and development. After leaving behind many of our contemporaries in the hand-grinder market of the 1980s, our careful and strategic growth has enabled us to preserve a laser focus on providing leading-edge drill bit and cutter maintenance solutions to the professional rock drilling industry.

We firmly believe that the best way to serve the diverse needs of our customers is for us to remain as specialists in this essential niche market.

While our vision has remained targeted, our manufacturing capabilities have greatly expanded. Our product offering extends from low-volume hand-held grinders to heavy-duty stationary button bit grinders for production environments and to mobile systems for use in remote locations. We undertake the following actions to ensure that our customers benefit from the highest efficiencies and the very latest technology and processes